Christine has written and / or contributed to the following book publications.

Wiener Wildnis

Urban areas offer loads of inviting opportunities for different wildlife species to thrive. For more than three years Christine has been involved as contributing photographer and author to the multimedia photo project „Wiener Wildnis“ initiated by Verena Popp-Hackner and Georg Popp. Selected photos and texts of Christine appear in this book publication.


Der Sakerfalke in Mitteleuropa

Saker falcons are endangered birds in Central Europe, that are protected by several international agreements. This book provides a status-quo of the saker falcon’s situation, especially focusing on the conservation initiatives undertaken in Austria and neighbouring countries. All text was researched and written by Christine.


Naturerlebnis Burgenland

This travel-guide is an interesting read for all nature lovers, who are looking for year-round nature experiences in the eastern part of Austria. Christine contributed the animal, plant and landscape portrays as well as the „nature calendar“, which provides information on seasonal nature explorations.



Das Bild der Frau um 1900

Around the beginning of the 20th century the perception of women was greatly shaped by contemporary natural sciences. Interestingly, the scientific believes of this time were employed both by the advocates of the „natural role of women“ – mother, wife and housewife – as well as the emerging women’s movement. In this book Christine investigates how this reflected in respective magazines published around 1900.