Visual storytelling

When working on photographic assignments Christine aims at covering the topics from as many aspects as possible producing diverse photo-portfolios. She has a focus on wildlife, nature and species conservation topics. Producing pictures or picture series that tell „the whole story“ are one of her prime goals. Her pictures have been awarded in international photo contests such as Glanzlichter, Oasis, MontPhoto, The Nature Conservancy or El Mundo Abenteuer- und Reisefestival.


Film & timelapse

Christine works on film and trailer productions for national parks, nature organisations and scientific institutions. Amongst her clients are e.g. Nationalpark Thayatal, Nationalpark Gesäuse, Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Nationalparks Austria, „Wiener Wildnis“, Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft etc. She employs timelapse, tracking shots via camera dolly and underwater footage to give her films the extra edge. For many projects Christine cooperates with her partner Marc Graf.


Print Publications

So far Christine has produced more than 220 stories on nature topics, contributing images and/or texts, ranging from wildlife tourism to reintroductions of formerly exctinct species, from nature conservation ambitions to scientific findings, from her own wildlife adventures to species portrays. Her stories have appeared e.g. in National Geographic Magazine Germany, Universum Magazin, Servus Magazin, NaturFoto, Wiener Wildnis Magazin, Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Salzburger Nachrichten etc.


DSLR camera-trapping

Over the past years Christine has spent countless hours on working with DSLR camera-trapping systems, producing high-res wideangle images particularly of big predator species in Central Europe (Brown bear, Eurasian lynx) and in the USA (Florida panther). Together with her partner Marc Graf they were the first to produce high-res camera trapping images of brown bears in Central Europe. Check out her brown bear gallery to explore some of her camera-trapping results.


Underwater photography

For many of her projects Christine employs underwater photography, portraying species and underwater landscapes in fresh and creative ways.
Check out her gallery to see some of her underwater shots.





Live presentations & talks

Christine and her partner Marc present their projects at international photography festivals such as at MontPhoto in Lloret de Mar (2017), in Fürstenfeldbruck Germany (2018) or within the scope of the Photo+Adventure fair, Austria’s largest photo event. In October 2017 their presentation „Everglades – Swamp Stories“ was awarded with „Best Photography“ at the El Mundo Abenteuer- und Reisefestival. Live talks play an important role in communicating nature conservation topics. Therfore, Christine and Marc also visit schools to present their best pictures and stories. Christine can be booked for live presentations and talks. Interested? Get in touch.


Nature PR

In order to best communicate nature conservation topics Christine uses a plethora of presentation options ranging from film presentations to live talks, print publications and photo exhibitions. If you are interested to book Christine as a presenter or to showcase a photo exhibition, please get in touch.




Photo-tours & Workshops

Each year Christine offers a couple of photo-tours in cooperation with the travel operator ARR. Moreover, Christine is a photo-trainer of the Canon Academy, her workshops can be booked via Wiener Fotoschule.





Ready-to-print articles on various nature, wildlife & travel topics (text & photo)
Writing for magazines, blogs, screenplays for multimedia trailers
Photographic assignments
Picture & video library
Photo prints
Multimedia trailer production
Multimedia-PR-Packages (including photo, film, text, social media content)
Multimedia live presentations on nature & travel topics

Clients & Partners
Among her clients and partners are e.g. the following:


National Geographic Magazin, UNIVERSUM Magazin, SERVUS Magazin, OÖNachrichten, Salzburger Nachrichten, Nationalpark Thayatal, Nationalpark Kalkalpen, Nationalpark Gesäuse, Nationalparks Austria, BMNT, Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft, Tierschutz macht Schule, Naturpark Akademie Steiermark, I Feel Slovenia, VETMED Uni Wien, Wiener Wildnis, Wiener Fotoschule, CANON, ARR Natur- und Kulturreisen